Chronicling the cleanup and restoration of our house and property in northern Michigan

Chronicling the cleanup and restoration of our house and property in northern Michigan

Monday, December 15, 2014

...and then there was LIGHT!

A very good family friend recently came up for deer hunting, and he showed up bearing gifts.  What he brought was a mercury vapor lamp parking lot light, including the roughly 6 foot long mounting arm.  For those that have never been out in the country, when it gets dark here it REALLY gets dark.  On a moonless night you quite literally can't see your hand in front of your face.  It can make working on projects or vehicles outdoors after sunset a real challenge.

I took advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures this weekend, and mounted the light to our larger outbuilding.  It's mounted so that it will light up the "courtyard" area between the two building.  As you'll see below, the results are truly...enlightening!

These pictures really don't even do it justice.  It is far brighter than it appears here, extending well into the yard in front of the house.  That area that it's lighting up between the two barns, it's on my list of spring projects.  I am going to have a load of gravel brought in to fill in that area.  I'll have to find a solution to all of the water first, likely a french drain to run the water to a lower area.  If I were to simply fill in this area all of the water would wind up filling the smaller outbuilding.  It's already damp enough in there.

Short and sweet for this update.  Until next time!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Quick Update...Miscellaneous Projects

Shelly and I are moving again into "divide and conquer" mode.  We have some smaller projects to get done that just do not take two people.

Me...I'm working in the basement, finishing up the last of the painting on the exterior foundation walls and floors.  This is all in the laundry area of the basement.  As part of this project we have a large chest freezer in that area that we want to relocate across the basement, to put it in Shelly's canning/pantry area.  I'll be laying in all new wiring to make that happen, putting the freezer on its own breaker.  Eventually we're going to have a sub panel with a transfer switch put in, to power a select list of items off the generator.  The freezer is one item that'll get put on that sub panel.

Shelly is working on our master (and currently only) bathroom.  She's spackling and giving it a fresh coat of paint.  This is all just to tide us over until we can get to the full remodel.  We thought we could leave it be until we're able to get to that remodel, but it just looks too darn bad.  The basement has to get done first, so that we'll have a second bathroom to use while gutting the master.  But, we can't stand to look at it any longer, and to be quite honest we're embarrassed for people to see it looking like it is.

Shelly is also filling, sanding, and painting the new trim around the new front entry door.  We had the door installed by the builder as part of the siding project.  After seeing what they had to do to make it work with our 8" framed walls, I am SO VERY glad we decided to tack it on to that project.

Like the title said, just a quick update.  As usual I'll be posting pics of the completed work.

Until next time!  :)