Chronicling the cleanup and restoration of our house and property in northern Michigan

Chronicling the cleanup and restoration of our house and property in northern Michigan

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Blast!

Howdy readers.  Winter has hit Shangri La BIG TIME, and we're getting snow and frigid temps earlier than we've seen it before.  That's not a complaint...just an observation.  Our take on northern Michigan winters is that you can either choose to embrace it, or choose to hide from it (and complain about it).  We're definitely more in the former camp than in the latter.  For me, I'm a bit of a claustrophobic and if I'm inside for too long I can get pretty darn annoying to those around me.  I think Shelly will vouch for me on that fact.  Since waiting until spring to play outside is not an option, around here we gear up and go play.  We've been getting quite a bit of snow, and last weekend Shelly, Peanut, and I went out and had some fun.  We actually went out with the intention of hiking to the deer blinds to check on them, but we wound up staying out long after that was done.  :)  

I thought y'all might like to see what things look like around here in the winter time.  I know we typically post project pics, but we don't do a whole lot of outside work this time of year...other than plowing snow.  You're not likely to see an outdoor project pic until spring, so please enjoy this slight deviation from our standard fare.  ;)

Picnic Table Snow Gauge

Peanut, scouting ahead in one of the deer blind clearing.

"You're getting too far ahead, pup.  Get on back here!"

Shelly, looking stylish in her winter attire.

The mandatory selfie, with Peanut's dog butt in the background.

The power line easement at the front of our property.
Yeah...we're getting some snow.

The Shangri La homestead, decked out in its winter finery.

Hopefully you've enjoyed this little winter sightseeing tour of Shangri La.  I may wind up doing another one of these at some point.  Winters are long around here.  :)

Thanks for visiting.  Until next time.  

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