Chronicling the cleanup and restoration of our house and property in northern Michigan

Chronicling the cleanup and restoration of our house and property in northern Michigan

Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Week Long Trip - Day One: The Drive

Hello, and happy 4th of July to all!  Our first week long trip to Shangri La has begun!  We arrived last night at around 9:00 PM after an blessedly uneventful drive.  We hit the road from Ohio at around noon.  Kyle marched with the Central Crossing High School Marching Band in the 4th of July parade.  This kicks off the marching band season, and it sure was good to hear the band.  I was at my usual pit crew station, loading and unloading gear and walking with the band in the parade.  When Kyle and I returned home afterward we found that Shelly had the Explorer and trailer mostly loaded and ready to go, and she had lunch ready for us.  She rocks...she truly does. After loading a few more items we hit the road. 

One good thing about leaving Saturday instead of Friday.  No holiday traffic!  We clipped along the whole way up, only having to pass a few farmers once we turned off of I-75 on to M33.  We stopped for dinner in Rose City at the Faull Inn restaurant.  Awesome pizza, and root beer from a keg.  

After arriving at the house we quickly unloaded the truck.  The mosquitoes immediately began their aerial suicide bombing runs.  SMACK!  We'll be going through the DEET this trip.  We relaxed for the remainder of the evening, Shelly and I watching a little TV and reading, and Kyle playing some online games. 

This morning we have some shopping to get out of the way.  After that, the work begins.  We had a dumpster delivered on Friday, which will make the clean up a whole lot nicer.  While we're out we're going to swing by Shelly's uncle's place to pick up some scaffolding.  As promised, I'll be posting daily updates of all the "fun" we're having up here.  :)  We'll also be taking some time to play.  We're thinking maybe a tubing trip down the Ausable River would be nice. 

Talk to you all soon!  GOD BLESS AMERICA!


  1. Looking forward to your journey this week! Praying for a productive but "uneventful" week for you guys. The only events allowed are good ones! Thanks for the update!

  2. Mel, I wish you guys were here to go with us.

    Shawnna, Thanks! So far, so good. :)


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