Chronicling the cleanup and restoration of our house and property in northern Michigan

Chronicling the cleanup and restoration of our house and property in northern Michigan

Monday, July 5, 2010

First Week Long Trip - Day Three: Siding, Deck, and the Barn

Day three began much the same as day two.  Up, eat, and outside to work.  I tackled the front siding and the deck, and Shelly and Kyle tackled the larger barn.  This is going to be primarily a pictorial update.  I'm whipped, and not feeling particularly verbose.  :)

The short story for the day:  The front of the house and the deck are cleaned.  The barn is emptied out.  The dumpster is full.  The painting of the foundation has begun.

Now, the pics.

First, a few "before" shots of the inside of the barn.

And now, the "after".

Where'd it all go?  TA-DAAAAA!

Now for the progress on the siding and the deck.

Here's a before and after shot of the deck.

In progress.

Cleaned and ready for sealant when it dries.

This is close to what she'll look like when we're done.  Here are a couple shots of the foundation in progress of being painted, and the finished product.  Just the sealing of the siding to go on this side of the house.

Back at the siding again tomorrow.  Hoping to get an early start and finish the remaining two sides.  With any luck, and if the weather cooperates, we'll be spraying on the sealant on Thursday.  I'm pretty darn psyched at our progress!

Just to show that we're not all about work, here are some pics from last night's fireworks.  :)


  1. How can you be whipped,, I just don't understand...Looks awesome. What color scheme is our bedroom going to be?? Just saying...I would need to know what color carpeting and curtains and bedding to start looking for...J/K everything looks great...Don't forget to take some time to play.. Love and miss you Melanie

  2.'s guys rock. Are you for hire? Looks like such a fun project. I'd be willing to put you up for a week or two! Yes, remember to have fun!

  3. If you want your bedroom painted you'd better get your butt up here. LOL

    I promise, we'll be playing. Love and miss you guys, too.


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