Chronicling the cleanup and restoration of our house and property in northern Michigan

Chronicling the cleanup and restoration of our house and property in northern Michigan

Monday, July 18, 2011

Most excellent news, and a list of completed stuff...

We have finally made some significant progress on the selling of the house in Ohio.  Someone finally made an offer!  This, after countless showings and two price drops.  Fortunately, the couple making the offer did not request yet another price drop, instead offering our asking price.  We countered only with some minor clarifications, and VOILA!, we are in contract!

The closing won't happen until the end of September, as the buyer has a lease that will not expire until then.  This concerns us some, as we'll be taking the house off the market during a crucial time.  Folks that are going to buy are more likely to move on something now than after school starts.  If the buyer should back out for some reason we will miss out on all of this time.  But, there's nothing to be done for it.  It's the first offer we've had since listing, so there's no way we're going to take a pass on it.

On the Shangri La homefront, we're continuing to whittle away at small projects here and there.  
  • Cleaned and polished the wood stove, removing the rust that had cropped up because of a minor water leak.  
  • Put wood sealer on the door we built for the small barn.
  • Set up my temporary home office.
  • Further organized the small barn.
  • Tested all of the connections in the propane line for leaks, both inside and out.  
  • Pulled three stumps. (Two to go.)
  • Organized the kitchen cupboards and hall closet.
  • Cleared out all unnecessary kitchen utensils and appliances.  These went back to Ohio with Shelly for selling in a garage sale.
  • Cleared out a portion of the basement.  We moved about twenty cans of paint outside, opened them and placed them in the covered area next to the small barn.  The landfill will accept them when the paint hardens.
  • Mowed the lawn and weed whacked.  (I know it's not a project, but I'm taking credit anyway.)
  • Hung the hammock and put up a screen room.  We've got to relax sometime!
Speaking of relaxing, one of our new favorite things to do is to take the quad for a ride in the evening along the many gravel roads all around us.  At the end of a hot summer day with the wind in your face, it's a great way to cool off.  I highly recommend it!  

Shelly came up for a visit last weekend, and with just a few touches she immediately made the place feel more like home.  It was my birthday that weekend, and having Shelly up here was all the gift I needed.  Though, I'm certainly not complaining about the new chainsaw she bought me.  :)

I went down to Ohio this weekend to see Shelly and Kyle, which worked out perfectly with the offer on the house and the signing of the necessary paperwork.  See what I did there, taking you full circle?  ;)  :)

Talk to you all again soon!

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