Chronicling the cleanup and restoration of our house and property in northern Michigan

Chronicling the cleanup and restoration of our house and property in northern Michigan

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Three Weeks...

I'm throwing a bit of a pity party.  You're invited to read on, but attendance is not mandatory. ;)

Three weeks.  That's how long my son Mike and I have been living at Shangri La.  Mike and are getting things done, which was the primary purpose for our moving up here early.  That, and my job is more easily done from here than from Ohio.  Also, not to be minimized is the high quality father/son time we're spending together.  Yesterday he and I went kayaking, his first time, and by all accounts we had a good time.  This is all good stuff, right?

But...I keep thinking I should be far more excited, living "up north" like I always dreamed of ever since I was a kid.  Oh, I know the reason for the lack of enthusiasm, and it's no big mystery.  Shelly isn't here with us.  She and Kyle are coming up on Friday and are staying for a week, but Shelly won't be up here full time until late August.  In our nearly twenty-five years of marriage these three weeks are the longest we've ever been separated from each other.  I don't like it...not one damn bit.

I'm sure for some couples three weeks may not seem like all that long, and to these folks I may be coming across as a bit whiny.  To these people I would politely say, "Tough's how I feel."  :)  Shelly and I have always gotten along better the more we're together, and I love that about us.

From the time we found out we were moving up here until Mike and I actually moved it was seventeen months.  I have been extremely impatient over the course of those months, to the point of being annoying.  Just ask Shelly...she will tell you.  But, these past three weeks have affected me far more more than all the months prior.  It'll be that and then some again before Shelly is able to get her butt up here to stay.  Oh, we'll get through it.  I'm sure some day we'll look back at this year as the major milestone that it is, and we'll marvel at how strong we were to have actually pulled it all off.  In the middle of it, though, it is some big time major suckage.

So, Mike and I will keep working up here, completing project after project after project.  It all will make it more livable and more enjoyable, but for all of it we'll know that only Shelly can make it a home.

I was hoping that by writing this I would feel better...that maybe it would be some kind of cathartic experience to lighten my soul of this depressive state.  Meh...not so much.  I wonder if there's any beer left in the fridge. ;)  :)

Back to our regularly scheduled, and mostly upbeat programming.  :)

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  1. Dave - that is an amazing sentiment and testament to a truly great relationship...proud to be friends to both of you..BUT..where's the party dude? did I miss something - lol......I want to party in Shangri la! When Shelly gets up there - and it's a home again as it will be (whiner..hahaha...jk.) - maybe you can have some friends come up and enjoy the sites! I'll bring my tent.

    Happy project"ing"


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